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Well, I have been a little lax with the old bloggity blog of late, but I haven't abandoned it yet.  I just haven't had the money or inclination to visit Etsy.com much for inspiration.  However, I noticed it's May and that's anniversary month which means--time for the annual Red Couch search (which I always find energizing)!  

For those who don't know, I look up red couches for sale on Etsy every year in the month of May which is the anniversary month for my blog.  The red couch is in honor of the lovely red couch at the top of my blog layout, and for the red couch in my blog logo which you can see on the right side of your screen (feel free to add my button to your blog/site).  I also only include three items in my search because when I first started writing this blog, I used to only include three items per post, so it's kind of a nod to the good ol' days I suppose.

The search this year was a short one, but I found possibly the three best red couches TO DATE!  Enjoy my friends:

Custom Red Love Seat

Cost: $1,300

Shop: Heaven Antiques

Let's start small with a love seat.  I would take this piece of furniture home with me RIGHT NOW if I had the cash to spare etc. etc.  I do so love furniture but I hate being poor.  Poo.  

VELVET PATCH - chesterfield patchwork sofa

Cost: $3,250

Shop: Name Design Studio

With the exception of my very first Red Couch post, it seems that I have always come across a patchwork couch in my search.  Without fail.  So, perhaps I should make it a point to always include one patchwork piece in my future Red Couch searches, eh?  [Edit: I just looked back at my previous anniversary posts and realized that the patchwork couches I have found, have all been from Name Design Studio--HA!  So that explains why I keep finding new ones to post every year--because they keep making incredible reddish patchwork couches!]

Anyway!  I love the patchwork look, especially when it doesn't look frumpy because god knows some patchwork just looks frumpy--this does not!  It looks rich and colorful and oh so soft with the velvet.  Yum.  I will own a patchwork couch one day.  *shakes fist at the sky*

whimsical made to order sofa couch red with rolled arms

Cost: $2,359

Shop: metrosofa

Honestly, when I found this couch on my search, in my head, I had a vision of myself pointing at this couch, jumping up and down emphatically, saying something to the effect of, "I WANT THIS COUCH!"  So, yeah.  I am in love with this couch.  

I'm in love with all the couches I found tonight in fact.  :)  Well, here's to being re-energized and hopefully more productive with my blog in the upcoming months.  Wish me luck and thanks for reading, as always!


Groundhog Day!

Posted by Sarah T. |

According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is just around the corner! 

This is really no surprise to those of us in Oklahoma.  Sure, we've had our cold days, but this winter is sadly looking like last winter.  Spring-like.  No snow.  No ice.  No joke.  I miss winter.   :( 

Since it is Groundhog Day though, I figured I would post some Groundhog Day ephemera.  Specifically stuff inspired by from the movie Groundhog Day (1993), a dark comedy classic that really nobody can hate.  If you haven't seen it, watch it.  It's about a schmuck TV weatherman who goes to report on the latest Punxsutawney Phil prediction, only to find that the next day is also Groundhog Day.  Again.  And again.  And again!  A movie about a guy stuck in the same day, Groundhog Day (of all days, come on!), might sound kind of stupid, but honestly, it's a really good movie with an incredibly deep philosophical undercurrent.  Watch it!

In the meantime, here are some Groundhog Day goodies from Etsy.com, your favorite online homemade depot:

I Got You Babe - Greeting Card

Cost: $3

Shop: The Canton Box Company

Let's start with something simple. 

See, you would have had to have seen the movie Groundhog Day to understand this reference.  If you have seen the movie, this card is pretty sweet.  Kudos!

There ain't no hill or mountain we can't climb 16"x12" AP of limited edition gilcee print 

Cost: $32.29

Shop: The Art of Tim Maclean

Ah, now this piece does a good job of showing the brief moments when Phil is happy about being stuck perpetually in Groundhog Day.  Good times.  I like how Punxsutawney Phil is dressed too, very dapper!
Bill Murray as Phil Connors in "Groundhog Day" watercolor - 5"x7" postcard print

Cost: $4

Shop: The Andyrama Store

Awesome depiction of Phil Connors and Punxsutawney Phil!  Yes, the groundhog is driving. 

Bill Murray - Bing: Groundhog's Day print (matted and backed)

Cost: $40

Shop: Easy Money Studios

BIIIIIING!!!  Yeah.  Another perfect depiction of Bill Murray angst.  I like the green color palette too.

Phil : Groundhog Day Screen Printed Card

Cost: $5

Shop: Slimenstein's Mad Science Supply Co.

Heh heh!  Oh, this card cracks me up so much. 

Oddly, this is pretty much how I feel on my birthdays.  I think there might actually be a market in like, reverse-birthday cards or something, you know, how the Hobbits do it--they give gifts on their birthdays rather than receive gifts.  I could totally myself giving people this card, or a slightly different version of this card, on my birthday.  "I hope your day is nothing like this cold dark BIRTHDAY I'm having."  Yep.  That sounds about right.   

Well, that's all for now folks.  Here's wishing you an angst-free, SINGULAR Groundhog Day. 

*Salutes Punxsutawney Phil*


Lather, Rinse, and Repeat (Do Not Eat)!

Posted by Sarah T. |

I was just on Etsy.com and glanced at some Oreo Cookie soaps and thought that it might be fun to troll around the site to look up other tasty looking soaps.  In the past I have been fooled on first glance by photos of foody soaps, but have yet to fall for them in person because after all, who keeps baked goods and other edibles on their bathroom sink?  

Anyway, the selections below were chosen based on how much these soaps resemble real food.  If I post them here, then I think they could conceivably fool someone into taking a bite (or at least attempting a lick).  That being said, kudos to the sellers for their ingenuity!
Pink Doughnut Soap

Cost: $4

Shop: StorybookSoaps

Am I alone in thinking of Homer Simpson when I see this?  The perfect pink doughnut with sprinkles and it smells like strawberry stuff on top and baked goods on the bottom. 

Awesome start!

Waffles with syrup SOAP gift set of 2 - Smells like REAL waffles, syrup and butter - Makes a great gift - VEGAN

Cost: $7.95

Shop: HowardsHome

Another breakfast soap and it is purported to smell just like it looks!  I don't know about you, but the prospect of washing my hands with a couple of waffles and syrup soap is kind of thrilling. 

Sushi Soap Gift Set - Vegan Soap - food soap - Wasabi Scented - Shrimp, Maki, Roe, Tuna in a real Sushi Take out Box

Cost: $17

Shop: AubreyEApothecary

I have only eaten sushi once and may never attempt it again (it wasn't a bad experience, but I would equate it to eating escargot--something to try once and possibly never again), but I will admit I love how pretty sushi can look.  This sushi soap is no exception.  So pretty!

Set of 10 Smores S'more Soap Party Favors for Scout Parties Camping Sleepover - Looks Yummy but its SOAP

Cost: $50

Shop: SweetbodySoaps

A few weeks ago, when The Boyfriend and I picked up "The Hunger Games" dvd from Redbox, we also stopped by Target and I bought stuff to make S'mores (so I could stuff my face like a person from the Capitol while watching the movie).  If I hadn't had a recent brush with S'mores, this soap would make me crave them now.  As it is, I've had my fill for about two years.  :P

AJSweetSoap Chocolate Candy Soap Gift Set

Cost: $13.95

Shop: AJSweetSoap

Now for the pièce de résistance!  CHOCOLATE!  These soaps look chocolaty, they smell chocolaty, and I have no doubt that the recipient of this gift set would totally try to eat at least one piece before realizing they're soaps not sweets. 


I'm going to sign off like I usually do at work and say, have a leisurely weekend folks!



Posted by Sarah T. |


Fall is here. 

I was trying to think of some items that make me think of fall and I did a little thought mapping exercise that led me from fall --> autumn --> woods --> leaves --> camping --> tent.  TENT!  My family always went camping during the summer and I've always wanted to go camping in the fall.  I feel kind of deprived actually.  Oh well.  One fall day, I will get to go camping in cooler weather!

Lucky for me, Etsy.com does sell tents.  Cool tents.  Tents for kids.  I found them under Toys --> Pretend.  Don't mistake me, these aren't pretend tents (they're real tents), they're tents in which one can play pretend in.  Like when you were a kid and you built a fort or a tent in your living room or bedroom when you were super-duper bored?  Those kinds of tents!  Enjoy the trip down memory lane:

Teepee tent - puddle gray screen print

Cost: $230

Shop: MoozleHome

Ah.  *happy sigh*

This is a pretty, pretty indoor tent for kids.  There are a lot of nifty, colorful tents around.  I think the uber bright colors appeal mostly to kids but it's nice when you can find a product that an adult could also find aesthetically pleasing too. 

Child Toddler Kid's Play Teepee/Tent Hideaway in All Star 2 Fabric by Riley Blake

Cost: $140

Shop: Little Birds Boutique

Here is another teepee tent.  I like the vintage colors and the goofy kid making faces at the camera.

Once, at a staff development day program, during a get-to-know-you exercise, I had to make a tent teepee with co-workers out of nothing more than newspapers and tape.  I think we did okay.  This tent is much prettier.  And it looks far more stable than ours was.   I would rather have had a tent like this than our crappy newspaper-made tent, but that's just how staff development days work.

*I don't think the kid comes with the tent. 

Red Castle Play Tent

Cost: $235

Shop: JouJoux by Shelley Charlesworth

Here's another kind of play tent.  It looks like this fellah hangs from the ceiling.  I found quite a few of this kind around the site and I was inspired.

My desk at home is squished into a corner of the living room which kinda stinks sometimes when The Boyfriend wants to watch TV in the living room instead of on his computer.  I don't have much privacy.  Maybe I need to hang up my own little privacy tent, eh? 

Not So Spooky Haunted House Card Table Playhouse, Custom Order, Personalized

Cost: $205

Shop: MissPrettyPretty 


It was such a hard decision to pick a house to post here, but because we're heading into October, I chose this one.  She has pet shop houses, under the sea houses, pirate houses, farm houses, outer space houses and many, many other kinds of play houses.  Such a neat shop! 

Toy Pop Up Tent, Sleeping Bags, blue, star print sparkle fabric

Cost: $24.95

Shop: ToyTentsAndChairs

Toys need tents too!  How many movies have we seen that show us how our toys come alive at night when we are asleep or when we are away for the day?  Toys need play houses too! 

That was fun, eh?  I haven't thought about tents or making an indoor fort in forever.  Le sigh.  It's no fun being an adult sometimes...  Oh well (Eeyore much?). 

Thanks for reading, as always!

Yes, today is the Autumnal Equinox, but it is also the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, which makes today Hobbit Day, as of 1978 according to the American Tolkien Society.  Celebrate by:

  • Eating a second and third breakfast
  • Read a Tolkien text
  • Or toss your pesky shoes aside and go barefoot
I was moritfied that I missed out on celebrating Hobbit Day here last year so here I am now, trying to make up for it. 

Can you tell that I'm a HUGE Tolkien nerd?  I grew up reading The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and even though my middle school teachers told me they couldn't get through it in college, I still managed to read (and finish!) The Silmarillion, although I will add that as an adult I tried to re-read it and.. ahem, couldn't.  I also devoured anything that discussed Tolkien's works like all of the History of Middle-earth volumes.  I also have the maps, the art booksand I cried like a baby when the elves showed up at Helm's Deep in the theatrical release of The Two Towers film adaptation by Peter Jackson (any serious Tolkien fan would have--seriously, what the hell were they doing there?!?).

But anyway, on to the Bilbo/Frodo Baggins happyfun stuff from Etsy.com:

Bilbo Baggins the Hobbit Doll

Cost: $40

Shop: The Stitchy Button

Even though I wouldn't really say that this is the Bilbo Baggins I have in my head when I read The Hobbit or LOTR, I literally gasped when I saw this doll.  LOVEIT!  If my books weren't still packed up I'd sit this fellow proudly on the shelf next to the rest of my JRRT books.

Hobbit inspired Smaug iPhone 4 / 4S case

Cost: $11.64

Shop: Gelert Design

Even though the iPhone 5 is coming out soon and people will have to get new cases for their new, larger iPhones... I still wanted to post this case.  This is Tolkien's drawing of the dragon Smaug.  Simple and perfect! 

Into the Shire, Hobbit Door Necklace, Painted Wood, Antique Brass Chain, Made to Order

Cost: $52

Shop: Nocturnal Purple Designs

There are actually quite a few hobbit hole pendants on Etsy, but I liked this one the best because it's the freaking door of Bag End!  Painted green with a brass knob in the middle, perfectly round and hobbity.  Two thumbs up!

No Admittance Sign

Cost: $16.63

Shop: Gelert Design

Dammit!  I really try to make sure that I have stuff from different sellers in every post but when I was writing this I noticed that this is the same seller above who makes the iPhone case.   I don't care.  I like this sign.  I'm posting about it anyway.  *stamps foot* 

But seriously, I need to talk to The Boyfriend to see if he'd be up for having this sign outside our house because it's, like, way better than any sign that says BEWARE OF DOG or KEEP OUT.  It's polite but stern, you know?  Another possible bonus for having this sign up is that it might make neighbors wonder at the frequency of our parties and why we don't invite them.  Mwahahaha. 

Lord of the Rings movie poster art film print 16x24 The Shire

Cost: $40

Shop: Harshness

Not an "official" poster but whatever!  It's pretty and honestly, it really does convey The Shire to me.  Look at the Hobbit there under the tree smoking his pipe looking at The Hill!  I like it.  :)

Happy Hobbit Day and thanks for reading! 


Quilty Goodness

Posted by Sarah T. |

No, this isn't an ad for toilet paper.

Fall is just around the corner.  Literally.  Saturday morning fall is HERE!  Oddly, thankfully, the hellfire temperatures that plagued Oklahoma this summer have began to recede a few weeks ago. (I say oddly because sometimes it seems like summer just won't quit, even after fall is officially here).  Since cooler temperatures are on my mind, and might be on yours too (and also because I've had lots of quilty inspiration from a former co-worker [HEATHER!!!] who keeps posting her awesome quilty adventures on Facebook lately), I'm doing a post about quilts.  Enjoy the quilty goodness folks:

King size Bed Quilt ORIGINS 104" x 112"

Cost: $465

Shop: Quilt Lover

This was the first quilt I found during my search.  Many quilts simply look dowdwy and just too old fashioned,  but this one does a good job of not doing that.  I think the white space between the color patches are what helps.  *shrug*  I don't know anything about quilts, but this one makes me feel like wrapping myself in it and taking a nap.  That's a good thing.  

Queen Sized Sampler Bed Quilt

Cost: $600

Shop: My Happy Thoughts

So, there's a bit of a color theme with this post--greens and purples.  Don't ask me why but most of the bedding sets I have purchased in the last several years have either been purply or greenish. 

Anyway!  I LOVE the purples in this quilt.  Again, it feels like a traditional design but not grandmothery.  I think a young person could proudly sport this quilt, know what I mean? 

PS~Love the name of this shop! 

Queen Size Quilt Featuring Day of the Dead in Black and White and Your Choice of Accent Color

Cost: $375

Shop: Mama Jean's Kind Threads

Okay, I didn't post a pic of the full quilt because I wanted you see some of the detail here, but definitely click on the link above to see the whole thing.  First of all, I love the reverse side--look at all the wee little skeletons!  The main side of the quilt has a huge variety of Day of the Dead imagery, it's such a neat montage.  This was clearly stitched with SCARYAWESOME!  I think I need this quilt. 

Modern Lap Quilt in blue, green, purple, black patchwork squares using Brooklyn Heights fabric by Kitty Yoshida - Handmade

Cost: $195

Shop: Cynthia B Designs

Oooh!  I could definitely curl up under this one.  It just looks dreamy, doesn't it?  The colors are so soft, it's a pretty design.  A+!  Defintely swing by this shop to see some more faboo quilty goodness.

Fantasia King Queen Quilted Bed Runner, Tumbler Quilt and Pillow Cover, Bed Scarf

Cost: $140

Shop: Jambearies

This is a super-fun quilt.  I love the free-form, squiggly stitching.  I like the atomic daisy-like flowers.  It's just so spunky!

I also like that this one is a bed runner.  I have a bed runner that's almost the same shade of green--only green, so I get kind of bored with it.  But I definitely like how there are cool quilts out there, and by that I mean quilts that are lighter, that you can keep on your bed even during the summer time. 

So, I'm ready for a nap, how about you? 

Thanks for reading, as always!



Posted by Sarah T. |

... heh, heh--not really.

The title to this post has a story.  Last Friday I think it was, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile drove through Tulsa and parked around town for a few days.  Anyway, the two girls who drive the Weenie-Mobile around were on the local morning news show and just as I left to go take a shower, hilarity ensued.  The Boyfriend came in the bathroom and looked at me with an exasperated sigh.  He said, "So the girls who drive the Weenie-Mobile around were brought in to do the weather forecast.  One of them said, 'IT'S HOT!  LOOK AT THE CHART, IT'S FREAKING HOT!'  Then a graphic changed and on the screen was a cloud.  The other girl said, 'It's SNOWING!!!'"  Boyfriend just paused.  He continued with, "Yeah.  And then the weather guy was like, 'No.  It's not snowing...'"  Pfft, lol! 

So, anyway, it's not snowing.  It’s August and super-stinkin’ hot! 

I hate to sound like this but really, I’m one of those people that doesn't really get super bothered by the heat—unless I’m doing strenuous work outside in it.  I can walk from my car to the two blocks away where it’s parked in no shade and not feel sweaty and gross or what-have-you by the time I get to my car.  In the extreme heat that we’ve had lately though (110+degrees), I still won’t feel “hot” per se, but I will admit to feeling really weird after walking in the heat.  Kind of dizzy but overall it’s a difficult feeling to describe.  Other than that, the heat doesn’t make me feel that uncomfortable unless I’m inside, because for god’s sake THIS IS AMERICA and every facility that can be AIR CONDITIONED should be AIR CONDITIONED.

Anyway, for those who do get negatively affected by the heat, I have nothing but sympathy for, and wish to send out good, chilly (temperature chilly, not emotionally chilly) thoughts with this list of snowflakey items from Etsy.com.  Think cold thoughts people, COLD THOUGHTS (having a song about Christmas or winter stuck in my head usually helps me—honestly I have “Winter Wonderland” stuck in my head right now *nods*):

Vinyl Wall Decal Sticker Snowflakes Obsidian Dawn

Cost: $59.95

Shop: StickerBrand

In the right room, I might keep these snowflakes up all year round.  Especially in Oklahoma.  I'd call it my Cool Room.  "Hey, want to go watch a movie in The Cool Room?"  "Yes, I think I did see your thumb drive.  I believe it was in The Cool Room."  "Damn it, the cat peed on the floor in The Cool Room!" 

Fluttering Snowflake Mobile

Cost: $75

Shop: artCboutique

You're feeling cooler already aren't you?  So much snowflakey goodness.  *happy sigh*

I like mobiles.  I have one in my car.  I have always wanted a mobile in my house.  Preferably something with glass.  But I do like the snowflake mobile.  I like it a lot. 
Wedding Flowers - Crystal Snowflake Bridal Bouquet - Winter or Christmas Wedding Bouquets - Fabulous Brooch Bouquet Alternative

Cost: $175

Shop: BridalBouquetsbyKy

Now this is pretty neat!  A snowflake bouquet for a wedding.  The thing I like about it most is that if someone objects during the ceremony, you could really, REALLY hurt that person with this bouquet, as opposed to hitting them with a sissy bouquet of lillies or roses.  *nods*  Yes.  These are the things I think about (mostly because I just finished watching a few seasons of Bridezillas on Netflix).

Crochet snowflakes decoration - Christmas and winter ornament for cozy home

Cost: $46.39

Shop: Woodstorming

When I see funny prices like this I always have to go, "Wait a minute.  That's a funny price.  That's a conversion.  Where is this shop?"  This shop is in Lithuania.  Just FYI.  

Now, I don't know if this makes me irresponsible or not but I don't always go further into a seller's shop to see what other items they have for sale once I find an item of theirs to post about.  Once I looked at the wood at the top of this ornament, and noticed the funny price, I decided to see what else this seller has and OMG!  Beautiful-beautiful-BEAUTIFUL wood carved engagement ring boxes, card holders.  Such beautiful woodworking here.  So snowflakes aside (although they are lovely)... go check out the rest of this seller's wares.  Now!

Ornate Steampunk Tree Topper - Snowflake Gears, shown in Brass, Antique Brass, and Silver

Cost: $16

Shop: Splendid Colors


Isn't it always nice when you can find something that simultaneously manages to look both hardcore and elegant at the same time?  I think that's kind of a rare quality to have, and this tree topper has it.  All over the place. 

Well, I hope this post helped give you a break from the sweltering summer heat!  I feel a little chilly myself (temperature chilly, not emotionally chilly). 

Thanks for reading, as always!